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ICON is known for its endless connections and for our exquisite events that made a lot of magic happen by putting exceptional people in the same room.

These days, we are fully aware of our community needs and understand that challenging times require serious measures! 

We are thrilled to bring Silicon Valley to your screen: Dozens of Silicon Valley Veterans, Investors and Corporate Execs are waiting to meet you 1:1, virtually. The only thing you have to do is sign up, wait for approval and be there on time.

San Francisco
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Lior Ron
Head of Uber Freight

Truly enjoyed those and will do few follow-ups, a true testament of ICONs brand and distribution in Israel - nicely done

adam .jpeg

Adam Nash


Great initiative by ICON, had great meeting with very interesting founders and will follow up!

liron .jpeg

Liron Azrielant

General Partner at Meron Capital

Thanks! This was interesting and I met with relevant startups and had great conversations

Yoav Samet.jpeg

Yoav Samet

Managing Partner at StageOne Ventures

Great initiative by ICON, had great meeting with very interesting founders and will follow up!

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Dity Aylon on Adam Nash

Many thanks to you, Adam and ICON, for the not less than great meeting!
Both Yishay, our CTO, and I were mind blown by the precious insights that were brought up by Adam in such a short time. We felt that every suggestion and thought raised by him had such a meaningful impact  to our strategy and product, while said with kindness and encouragement that boosted our strengths through our (not always comfortable...) journey

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Yaniv Shore on Merav Weinryb

Please share my THANK YOU with Merav. 
very important points were raised and discussed. 
Appreciate it. 
And thank you and Icon for organizing

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Liz Dimor on Meagan Eisenberg

Meagen was amazing, gave us valuable and helpful tips on how to improve our marketing strategy, thank you ICON for the opportunity

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Yair Nativ on Sivan Shamri Dahan

Sivan's feedback was valuable and helpful. ICON is great!